With the inspection app, the work planner, contractor, inspector and project manager can all collaborate.

The advantages of the inspection app:

  • Quickly create a range of inspection forms.
  • Report outcomes directly to the customer. 
  • Immediately generate certificates upon approval.
  • Record simple hours and expenses.

The inspection app integrates with the software packages shown below and many others.

  • Inspector
    The inspector's role in the app.
    • Complete the inspection form.
    • Sign and send the inspection form.
    • Record hours and expenses.
  • Customer
    The customer's role in the app.
    • Receive a certificate and inspection report via e-mail.

Companies earn back their investment in Smartflow within 12 months.

The inspection app in action.

There are many delivery points per house, many houses and many recordings ... In short, there is A LOT of paperwork and there is a good chance that you no longer know which photo belongs to which house ... Collaborate and communicate clearly via the inspection app; save time. 

Digitise and automate your work inspections. Upload photos, systematically complete your checklist, add your GPS location and digitally insert signatures. 

To see the inspection app in action, watch the video on the right.

Appy employees.

New (young) professionals readily connect to work process.

Get a grip on the work process.

Control the work process with greater insight into data from the field.

Future-proof IT infrastructure.

Integrate your apps for a future-proof IT infrastructure

What some of our appy clients say.

Some features of the inspection app.


A range of visual controls to make it more user-friendly.

In Smartflow, you can use different controls (sliders, toggles, etc.) for ultimate ease of use.

For example, the app visually indicates whether or not an object has been approved and/or the extent to which it complies with the inspection.

This makes it easier to record and interpret the information because it is displayed visually. 


Extensive options for developing inspection workflows through wizards and/or scripting.

Build and configure your inspection workflows using drag-and-drop and business rules and/or existing industry best-practices templates. The choice is yours.

Or go for the hybrid option: select a template and adjust it to your taste by modifying or expanding the form's code. 


Ability to upload many large photos and drawings.

In Smartflow's inspection app, you can upload multiple large photos and drawings and you can make notes on the images.
This way you can clearly explain the information on pin-sharp photos.


Read out QR codes and NFC chips.

With the inspection app, you can scan and read out QR codes or NFC chips. This way, you always have the most up-to-date information about the object directly at hand in the app.


Database for storing complex inspections.

Few back-end systems use their own database, so either the information from complex inspections cannot be saved or it takes a lot of work to program this into the back-end system.

Smartflow uses a unique database. This means that complex inspections with many inspection points, objects and/or buildings can be carried out and digitally recorded via the Smartflow platform.


Offline use.

The inspection app always works, even if you're not connected to the internet. As soon as you reconnect, the information is automatically synchronised

Some other smart apps.

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  • Efficiently manage the field service.
  • Send work orders from the ERP system.
  • Record the activities, hours worked and the materials used.
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  • Rapid and efficient organisation.
  • Automatic documentation in the management portal.
  • All of the information, available anytime and anywhere.
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Notification of undesired events app.

  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • These are documented and are immediately available for audits.

Your first app is ready within two weeks.

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