The work order app promotes greater collaboration between the technician, the back-office employee and the manager.

A unique solution for digitising work orders. 

  • The advantages of the work order app:
  • Efficiently manage the field service.
  • Send work orders from the ERP system.
  • Record activities, the hours worked and the materials used.
  • Simple invoicing.
  • Impress the customer with your professionalism.

The work order app integrates with the software packages shown below and many others.

  • Technician
    The technician's role in the app.
    • Views only his own scheduled work orders.
    • Can open and read the work instructions.
    • Recording activities, such as hours worked, materials used and costs.
    • Photographing the final result.
  • Back-office employee
    The back-office employee's role in the app.
    • Receiving a notification when the work is done.
  • Customer
    The customer's role in the app.
    • Can view the recorded work activities.
    • Signing the work order from within the app.

Companies earn back their investment in Smartflow within 12 months.

The work order app in action.

Save time and money! Digitise and optimise your work orders. Upload photos, record work activities, provide signatures and perform invoicing.

To see the work order app in action, watch the video on the right.

Appy employees

New (young) professionals readily connect to work process.

Get a grip on the work process.

Control the work process with greater insight into data from the field.

Future-proof IT infrastructure.

Integrate your apps for a future-proof IT infrastructure.

Some of our appy clients.

Some features of the work order app.


Integrate your apps for a future-proof IT infrastructure.

Smartflow's work order app ensures that your organisation will have a solid, future-proof IT infrastructure because your applications will be integrated rather than a mishmash of separate applications and software packages. Think of the Smartflow platform as a kind of power strip connecting all your different software packages. 

  • With Smartflow, you know that:
  • New applications will integrate.
  • Only one platform (power strip) is required for all of your applications;
  • You're ready for digitisation.

The customer is actively involved in the task.

The technician involves the customer in the task. The work order app contains a complete description of the assignment and the work completed.

The customer provides his/her approval via a digital signature in the app. The customer is e-mailed a PDF of the work order.


Record the activities, hours worked and materials used.

The technician records the work completed, the solution, the hours worked and the materials used.

In this way, all parties involved in the process receive the same information and data is collected, such as the hours worked or the materials used, which, in turn, provides insight into the organisation's operations.


The flexible app can be customised and expanded.

With the Smartflow platform, the work order app can be configured in numerous ways.

For example, you can elect not to digitise a certain process with Smartflow, but then decide later on to digitise a different process, like inspections, or you can add a workflow such as a knowledge test.


Location determination; navigation and overview.

In the work order app, you can indicate the location of the assignment.
On one hand, you have an overview of all the outstanding work orders and, on the other hand, the technician knows exactly which location to drive to. 


Speech to text.

One extremely 'user-friendly' feature of the work order app is the speech-to-text functionality. This allows the technician to complete all of the fields by voice.

The technician can also still utilise the typing option.

Some other smart apps.

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Inspection app.

  • Report outcomes directly to the customer.
  • Automatically generate certificates upon approval.
  • Record simple hours and expenses.
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  • Rapid and efficient organisation.
  • Automatic documentation in the management portal.
  • All of the information, available anytime and anywhere.
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Notification of undesired events app.

  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • These are documented and are immediately available for audits.

Your first app is ready within two weeks.

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