Digitise your workflows intelligently.

Build your own apps.

How to build smart flows.

How to create a workflow with Smartflow.

Learn how to build a workflow in Smartflow. Build your entire workflow or base it on a best-practices template. Configure extensive dependencies and conditions to digitise even your most complex workflows and determine the appropriate output and follow-up actions that correspond to your workflow. 

  • No IT knowledge necessary.
  • Drag-and-drop feature.

How to add business rules in Smartflow.

With the extensive business-rule engine functionality, learn how to build complex relationships in Smartflow. 

  • No coding knowledge required
  • Add 'if this, then that' relationships
  • The ability to code with JavaScript.

How to build a form with Smartflow.

Learn how to quickly and intuitively build a form in Smartflow. 

  • Drag-and-drop construction.
  • Live preview of the app
  • Existing templates and industry best practices.
  • Custom configuration of the layout, information sources, authorisation, roles and rights.

How to manage your workflows in Smartflow.

Learn how to manage your workflows using data.

  • A dashboard for real-time insight into your workflows.
  • BI that focuses on the user's role.
  • Data is flexibly filtered.
  • Install push notifications.

  • "Digitisation with Smartflow comes with a payback period of less than six months."
    — Karel Soeters, CFO at KONE Netherlands
  • "Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and a throughput reduction of the service order process."
    — Mark van der Wolf, Service & Projects Director at MOBA

Smart builder.

Functionality for building digital workflows. 

Build, manage & monitor.
  • Drag & drop construction.
  • No code, low code and code.
  • Store-based templates.
  • Live preview of the app.
  • Dashboards.
  • Integrations (ERP, CRM, etc.).
Powerful functions.
  • Create triggers and alerts.
  • Push and SMS services.
  • Publish on all platforms (iOS, Windows, Android).
  • Relationships and datasets.
  • Advanced validations
  • Business role

    With this role, you have the following functions:

    • Drafting the requirements for the platform and the app.
    • Testing the first version of the platform and the app.
    • Providing the training to implement the platform.
  • ICT & Development

    With this role, you have the following functions:

    • Programming.
    • Integration with other systems.
    • Manage the platform, such as user roles.
  • Analyst role
    • With this role, you have the following functions:
    • Creating and implementing workflows and forms with the Smart Builders.
    • Insight into the data and workflows.
    • Data analysis.

Build and digitise workflows quickly and easily.

User friendly tools to intuitively build an app.

Drag-and-drop feature.

Add and install predefined elements by dragging them into the work field.


The app preview demonstrates exactly how it will look once released.

If this, then that.

You can easily set up complex rules and configurations with the Business Rule engine.

Best-practices templates.

Use the Smart builder's existing templates and configure them according to your wishes.

Integrates with your back-office system.

Examples of digitised workflows.

Watch video.
Inspection workflow.

  • Report outcomes directly to the customer.
  • Generate certificates upon approval.
  • Record simple hours and expenses.
Watch video.
Notifications of undesired events workflow.

  • Speed up the notification process in an easily accessible way.
  • Reports are easy to generate.
  • These are documented and are immediately available for audits.
Watch video.
Work order workflow.

  • Efficiently manage the field service.
  • Send work orders from the ERP system.
  • Record the activities, hours worked and materials used.

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