Smart mobile workflow platform.

Add workflow to anything, anywhere and anytime.

The mobility platform that is built for the builders, makers and installers of today and the future.

Work more efficiently and save time and money through insight into your data. Make employees and customers happy by allowing them to focus more on their core tasks and less on administration. Use just one solution: Smartflow. We integrate all your software packages: build, use and connect via a single platform.

Smartflow's combination of diverse features and its integration with various back-end systems make it a unique platform. We have also built the platform so that it can be flexibly adjusted to respond to your needs and the changing needs of your market.


No code, low code, code.

Without programming knowledge, you can build workflows using the various Smart builders in the platform. Or you can base your workflow on one of the best-practices templates.

Still want the developer to adjust something? The developer can adjust the built-in workflow.

The developer still retains the freedom and creative expression that he/she is used to when delivering custom solutions. That way he/she can still programme workflows from scratch.


User friendly.

Through various functionalities, you can intuitively build workflows and forms with the user-friendly tools in the platform:

  • Drag-and-drop feature.
  • If this, then that (IFTT).
  • Business rules.
  • Script wizard.
  • Existing templates.

2D & 3D visualisation.

Smartflow goes a step further than others when it comes to digitisation. We do more than digitisation. We also look at how we can make data (from various systems) transparent, in order for you to have a 'firm grip on your work process'.

With ESRI, GIS, Open Streetview and other map and 3D programmes, your assets are clearly visually displayed. On the map, view at a glance where an incident has been reported, the progress being made, the priority of the incident, et cetera.

Smartflow 3D can also display your machine-fleet assets with the aid of Autodesk or Forge Viewer (POC). Because you can literally see who, what, when, where, why and how: you can quickly anticipate the situation.


All devices, anywhere, anytime.

Smartflow is stable on all devices - whether it's a Samsung smartphone, an ATEX device, a smartwatch - or whether you work with Android or Apple or whether you use Chrome or Safari as an internet browser ...

... or any combination of device, supplier and internet browser; Smartflow is stable.

The app will also continue to work without internet access, such as in a tunnels or basements.



Changing desires? No problem. We developed the platform to be able to handle flexible adaptation.

We understand that we live in a changing world where you are constantly in motion. That's why we work on Smartflow every day to keep the platform up-to-date and to implement the newest technologies.

Whether you work with SAP, ESRI, Relatics, SharePoint, etc. or decide to switch to another software package, Smartflow integrates with your systems.



Safety is just as much a priority for Smartflow as it is for you. Various measures are taken to promote safety:

  • Information can be sent via the internet safely because the data is encrypted.
  • The platform complies with the GDPR legislation.
  • Because Smartflow uses Data REST API, you retain control of your own data.
  • Auth0 checks whether the users who log in have or will receive this permission.
  • Et cetera.


The platform revolves around the user. He/she receives and manages all of the input and output data and works with the app.

The functionalities used by the user and the data he/she receives are specifically tailored to the user. This way you always have the right data at hand, such as the latest drawing of the asset.

Via the platform's user management, you can manage the roles, as well as who receives which functionalities.


Get a grip on your software and data.

Thanks to the integration with Azure BI SQL Data warehouse, you have control over your data, regardless of whether or not you want to use Smartflow, and you can also build your own dashboard with your favourite BI tool.

You can also choose to store the data on your own servers (SaaS on-premise). Or you can build your own reports via the PDF report builder. The choice is yours.


Import and export documents.

Besides being able to integrate Smartflow with different systems, it's sometimes handy to export or import (specific) data. You can quickly and easily upload your own data by importing files into Smartflow.

You can easily export data from Smartflow to upload it into another system.


Audit trail.

During inspections, all of your data is up-to-date and clear for the inspector. The inspector logs in to the environment in which he/she can view all the necessary documents, control and see their status and/or what has been done thus far. 


Knowledge bank.

Thanks to the digital knowledge bank, the technician, service manager, operator, etc. always has up-to-date information while on the go.
For example, if a work order is created in the platform, you can link the asset's knowledge bank items to the platform, such as the latest version of the drawing.

This way, the technician can get to work immediately and focus on the task at hand.

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Your first app is ready within two weeks.

How to build a smart flow.

Co-creation and putting the user at the center are the two most important points for digitizing your workflow. Smartflow puts the user first. In co-creation with you, we digitize your first workflow within two weeks. In close cooperation with your key users, we set up a roadmap with the final product in mind. After two weeks you can test the app and we optimize the app.


Application landscape.

Asset data can be requested, enriched, monitored and supplemented. The user is the source of the new data of the underlying systems via Smartflow.

  • Open architecture.
  • All workflows receive input from multiple applications.
  • Flexible application landscape that can adapt to the existing application landscape.
  • Various systems can all be processed in one flow.
  • Relevant back office systems can be connected to the platform through the Smartflow API and architecture.

Platform architecture.

Good integration ensures that users have access to the data in forms and workflows via the Smart builder.

Some possibilities in the platform:

  • Speech to text.
  • Integration GPS, navigation.
  • Photo and the editing of photographs.
  • Scanning of QR-barcode and NFC-chip.
  • Signing digitally.
  • Smart fields with auxiliary functions.
  • Automatic GPS and time stamps.
  • Retrieve (3D) drawing.
  • Integrations with other smart tools (RFID, AR and measuring instruments).

Cloud infrastructure.

  • Encrypted local storage for data and images.
  • DDOS, geo blocking, intrusion detection.
  • Web application firewall.
  • Network firewall.
  • Scalable app servers.
  • Data storage per customer.
  • Business role

    With this role, you have the following functions:

    • Drafting the requirements for the platform and the app.
    • Testing the first version of the platform and the app.
    • Providing the training to implement the platform.

    With this role, you have the following functions:

    • Programming.
    • Integration with other systems.
    • Manage the platform, such as user roles.
  • Analyst role

    With this role, you have the following functions:

    • Creating and implementing workflows and forms with the Smart Builders.
    • Insight into the data and workflows.
    • Data analysis.

What some of our appy clients say.

  • "Digitisation with Smartflow comes with a payback period of less than six months."
    — Karel Soeters, CFO at KONE Netherlands
  • ""Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and a throughput reduction of the service order process.""
    — Marc Waanders, Service & Projects Director at MOBA

Start building your own app.

Watch video.
How to create a workflow.

  • No IT knowledge necessary.
  • Drag and drop.
Watch video.
How to build forms.

  • Rapid and intuitive form creation.
  • Build by using drag and drop.
  • Use best practise templates.
Watch video.
How to add business rules.

  • Add intelligence to forms without coding.
  • The ability to code using Javascript.
  • Including if-this-then-that-relationships.

Smartflow integrates with your back-office system.

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