Set course to a digital workflow.

Smart mobile workflows made for ship builders.


Set course for digitization.

We determine the course of the world. We do not know any borders; we think internationally and determine the course. We bring people, products and knowledge from A to B.

We sail towards central collaboration through automation. Ships and schedules become more complex and are linked to 3D models (digital twin and 4D planning). Nobody knows what the developments in shipbuilding are and when and which development will be first standardized in shipbuilding. What we do know is that all these developments have one common goal: chain integration. A better cooperation between shipyards, (sub) contractors (also among themselves) and between people on board and the people in the office.

Realtime and up-to-date information is available anywhere, anytime and anyplace and tailored to the need for the role someone plays in the work process.

We are already seeing these developments taking place, such as the apps with which we collect all information on board, fill in forms, take photos and upload them, et cetera. This information is integrated with various software packages, such as 3D models that are linked to, for example, the Oracle Primavera or SAP PPM planning system. Everyone can connect to a platform with their own piece of software, so that information is collected, analyzed and adapted to the information needs of the user. All dedicated software solutions deliver input and output via a single platform.

In short, digitization brings more efficiency to shipbuilding through centralized collaboration.


The digital challenges of shipbuilding.

The information is kept decentrally in shipbuilding. Different software packages are used by the various cooperation partners and there is often a huge amount of administration that still needs to be processed. Automation seems to be the ideal solution ...

Why does automation and digitization not always work in shipbuilding?
Sometimes working with paper is more efficient. Despite it being 10 times as much work (taking a photo with a smartphone, uploading a photo on a computer, opening an email, adding photos, sending photos, etc.) ... and that's right. Even though good agreements are made and the current paper work process is improved before digitizing, it goes wrong in the realization.

Software is often not user-friendly, not integrated with other systems and often does not fit into daily operations. The different software solutions are poorly integrated and a logical consequence is that people postpone using it by not filling in information into the software. As a result, information is missing in the system and the value of the software package is falling. It is a downward spiral and at a certain moment no one cares about it anymore.

Leakage of knowledge.
We also see a huge gap between the generations in shipbuilding. Knowledge is lost of older employees who could rely on their experiences and for young people the inflow has become more difficult because the work processes are not automated and digitized while the projects have become more complex. So complex that they can no longer be overseen by one person.

Smartflow digitises work processes. Our proven working method yields the following results:


Appy employees due to new technology and the digitisation of knowledge.

  • New (young) professionals readily connect to work processes via standardisation.
  • In the 'war on talent', you are a more attractive employer if you use modern working methods.
  • Improved communications due to:
    • Office personnel knowing the status of the field-based work processes.
    • Field-based employees having the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

A future-proof IT infrastructure via app integration.

Working with Smartflow ensures that your organisation will have a solid, future-proof IT infrastructure because your applications will be integrated rather than a mishmash of separate applications and software packages. You can think of the Smartflow platform as a kind of power strip connecting all of your different software packages. With Smartflow, you know that:

  • New applications will integrate.
  • Only one platform (power strip) is required for all of your applications.
  • You're ready for the digitisation of the construction sector.

Control your work processes with insight into field data.

Working with Smartflow ensures that sales, operations, finance, planning and project management all gain insight into their organisation's aggregated data. This facilitates insight into who's doing what, when and how via the personalised Smartflow dashboard or the reports configured in Smartflow. Insight into data leads to:

  • Improvements in efficiency because work processes are digitally standardised.
  • Cost reductions via the time saved by sharing information.

Smartflow, therefore, not only displays the data collected when digitising the work processes, but it also aggregates the data from your other software packages (Primavera, Ortec, Exact, PowerBI, 3D AutoCad, etc.). In short, Smartflow integrates with your back-office system.

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Some work processes that we appify for the shipbuilding sector.

Work order workflow.

The technician can check and register his work via the work receipt app and the back office employee can check via the computer whether the work has been completed and whether the invoicing can be started.

  1. Send work orders from the ERP system.
  2. Register work, hours worked and used material.
  3. Invoicing takes place easily.

Digital planning workflow.

Together with Advando Project Control, Smartflow has developed an app that provides daily insight into the planning process during a turnaround. As a result, the planner knows which team is working on what and how far along it is in completing the task. The Smartflow app also integrates with the planning software Primavera. The advantages of a digital planning workflow:

  1. A more efficient planning process.
  2. Integration with the Primavera planning programme.
  3. A user-friendly app that diverse suppliers can use.

Safety workflow.

With the notifications of undesired events app, employees can collaborate more efficiently and easily via a single platform. The advantages of the app:

  1. Speeding up the notification process in an easily accessible way.
  2. Action can be taken quickly.
  3. Reports are easy to generate.
  4. These will be documented and immediately made available for audits.

Our appy clients.

  • "Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and a throughput reduction of the service order process."
    — Marc Waanders, Service & Projects Director at MOBA
  • "Digitisation with Smartflow comes with a payback period of less than six months."
    — Karel Soeters, CFO at KONE Nederland

Unique features of the Smartflow platform.

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Multiple devices

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop and ATEX devices.
  • Integrates with your back office systems.
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Offline availability.

  • Data synchronizes when there is connection to the internet again.
  • App can be used when there is no internet.
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Multi Language

  • Different languages in one system.

Simple to use, but powerful in operation.

Build your own workflows and use the app anytime and anywhere.

Build, manage & monitor.
  • Drag & drop construction.
  • No Code, Low Code and Code.
  • Store-based templates.
  • Live previews with the app.
  • Dashboards.
  • Integrations (ERP, CRM, etc.).
Powerful features.
  • Set triggers and alerts.
  • Push and SMS services.
  • Publish on all platforms (iOS, Windows & Android).
  • Relationships and datasets.
  • Advanced validations.

Smartflow integreert met uw backoffice systeem.


Cooperation Critical Minds and Smartflow.

For the shipbuilding industry we work together with Critical Minds, they support industrial organizations in structurally improving their project management.

In cooperation with Smartflow, Critical Minds advises on the current work processes and how these can be improved before they are digitized. Smartflow then digitizes this solution.

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