The digital technician.

Smart mobile workflows made for Mechanical Engineering.


Machine integration: the digital technician.

Machine manufacturers are characterised by standardised customisation and machine integration. Our challenge is to improve the client's production process. Rather than machines, we sell uptime. Servitization, therefore, is primarily visible in the mechanical engineering for all of the industries.

And this drives innovation because machine manufacturers install more reliable and higher quality machines for their clients. Partially due to this, machines are becoming increasingly complex. Placing sensors in machines enables predictive maintenance, so technicians knows what and when they will need to perform a task.

While many industries focus on chain integration, the mechanical engineering sector focuses more on machine integration. Chain partners collaboration more on the machines, thereby promoting cost efficiencies. Modular product design makes it possible for parties in the chain, such as suppliers, to think more with the OEM, consequently, the supplier can shift his/her role to that of an OMM (Original Module Manufacturer). Because the machine manufacturer remains the machine owner, refurbishing old machines is not only made possible, but it becomes much easier (circularity).

In short, developments in mechanical engineering are driven by (cost) efficiency.


The digital challenges of the mechanical engineering sector.

  • Unclear communication between the field and the office.
  • Complex IT infrastructures that do not connect well.
  • Complex and long protocols and checklists.
  • Everyone using their own software package.
  • Incomplete information about machines and not knowing which drawing is the latest version.

These are just a few examples of the (cost) efficiency disruptions for machine manufacturers, not to mention the irritation that this miscommunication can provoke. 

Smartflow digitises work processes. Our proven working method yields the following results:


Appy employees due to new technology and the digitisation of knowledge.

  • New (young) professionals readily connect to work processes via standardisation.
  • In the 'war on talent', you make a more attractive employer if you use modern working methods.
  • Improved communications due to:
    • office personnel knowing the status of the field-based work processes;
    • field-based employees having the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

A future-proof IT infrastructure via app integration.

Working with Smartflow ensures that your organisation will have a solid, future-proof IT infrastructure because your applications will be integrated rather than a mishmash of separate applications and software packages. You can think of the Smartflow platform as a kind of power strip connecting all of your different software packages. With Smartflow, you know that:

  • New applications will integrate.
  • Only one platform (power strip) is required for all of your applications.
  • you're ready for the digitisation of construction.

Control of the work process due to insight into the data from the work field.

Working with Smartflow ensures that sales, operations, finance, planning and project management all gain insight into their organisation's aggregated data. This facilitates insight into who's doing what, when and how via the personalised Smartflow dashboard or the reports configured in Smartflow. Insight into data leads to:

  • Efficiency improvements because work processes are digitally standardised.
  • Cost reductions via the time saved by sharing information.

Smartflow, therefore, not only displays the data collected when digitising the work processes, but it also aggregates the data from your other software packages (Primavera, Ortec, Exact, PowerBI, 3D AutoCad, etc.). In short, Smartflow integrates with your back office system.

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Some work processes that we appify for the construction sector.

Work order workflow.

At the beginning of the day, the technician can use the work order app to check his/her tasks, use the speech-to-text function to register activities, add photographs and note down the materials used and the hours worked. After seeing on his/her dashboard that the work has been completed, the back-office employee can launch the invoicing process. The advantages of the work order app:

  1. Efficiently manage the field service.
  2. Send work orders from the ERP system.
  3. Record activities, the hours worked and the materials used.
  4. Simple invoicing.

Disruption source workflow.

it's possible to navigate directly from a work order to the location of a malfunction. And we've greatly expanded the checks for the completeness of the data recorded on malfunctions. Using the app facilitates:improved

  1. efficiency of the disruptions process;
  2. real-time process monitoring and control;
  3. fast and error-free back office processing.

Materials selection workflow.

Directly inspect your own materials or those of third-parties via the material selection app. Complete all of the consultancy work, from a to z, via the app. Before submitting the final report, the consultant can discuss his/her findings with the client in a structured way. The client will receive an attractive PDF report. The advantages of the materials selection app:

  1. Every inspection step can be implemented.
  2. Clients are impressed by your company's professionalism.
  3. Processes attain optimal efficiency.
  4. Rapid invoicing.

Our appy clients.

  • "Digitisation with Smartflow comes with a payback period of less than six months."
    — Karel Soeters, CFO at KONE Nederland
  • "Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and a throughput reduction of the service order process.""
    — Mark van der Wolf, Service & Projects Director at MOBA

Unique features of the Smartflow platform.

Watch video.
Visual workflow builder.

  • No IT knowledge necessary.
  • Drag and drop.
Watch video.
QR/Barcode scanner.

  • Up-to-date information about components.
  • Upload data quickly and easily.
Watch video.
Process photographs and drawings.

  • Draw directly on photographs.
  • For location clarification, insert a circle on up-to-date drawings.

Simple to use, but powerful in operation.

Build your own workflows and use the app anytime and anywhere.

Build, manage & monitor.
  • Drag & drop construction.
  • No Code, Low Code and Code.
  • Store-based templates.
  • Live preview of the App.
  • Dashboards.
  • Integrations (ERP, CRM, etc.).
Powerful functions,
  • Create triggers and alerts.
  • Push and SMS services.
  • Publish on all platforms (iOS, Windows, Android).
  • Relationships and datasets.
  • Advanced validations.

Smartflow integrates with your back office system.

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