Building digital workflows.

Smart mobile workflows made for the construction sector.

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From construction to software company.

We're laying the foundation of the future. Not only for how we'll soon live, work and travel, but also for how our society will look. The society of the future will be shaped by the builders of today.

Digitisation expedites our collaborations and chain integration. Real-time insight into a building's residual value, as each building has a digital twin. Aerial photographs and videos of the construction site taken by drones ensure safe working conditions. Via the HoloLens, gain insight into the construction progress and see how the building will look. We can rapidly change course given our ability to upload digital modifications directly via the cloud and share them with the parties involved in the project. Up-to-date information because suppliers upload information about the construction products into the BIM model.

Digitisation does not belong to a distant future, we're already working with it. For instance, we already collaborate via smartphones (we send photos of residual points), WhatsApp (consult with colleagues), Sharepoint and more. Various software solutions partially communicate with each other. We are collaborating more and more through the platform idea; data is collected centrally and shared with the parties involved. Linking apps to the platform enables mobile work for users. This way, each user only has the information that he/she needs. Digitisation gives the user a key role.

Construction project preparations are also changing. We currently use 3D models, but gradually we'll begin using 4D models for which we will directly have the necessary components. And, yet a step further, eventually we'll have 5D models in which we map out the work process and the people required.

In short, digitisation is already interwoven into our daily activities and, increasingly, the construction company of the future more closely resembles a software company. New developments in the construction industry place high demands on people. They require a different way of collaborating, thinking and doing. Is your organisation ready for these changes?


The digital challenges of the construction sector.

The construction sector acts as the antennae of the Dutch economy. When things are good in the construction sector, then the economy performs well, and vice versa. Happily, we're seeing growth once more; it's noticeable in every direction we look. Although the construction sector is stabilising, it still revolves around small margins. To prepare for the future, we also have to deal with the opportunities and threats we're facing now.

For example, finding young professionals remains an issue. The knowledge is lacking, the sector is insufficiently attractive to workers (due to increased workload, inter alia) and it is difficult for young people to relate to the complex and changing collaborations that characterise the construction sector. In addition, there will be an increased demand for new skills such as data analysis and complex IT knowledge.

More and more construction companies are resembling software companies. There are a wide range of software packages for planning, administration, BIM, etc. The software packages are not highly compatible, necessitating complex IT knowledge.

Smartflow digitises work processes. Our proven working method yields the following results:


Appy employees due to new technology and the digitisation of knowledge.

  • New (young) professionals readily connect to work processes via standardisation.
  • In the 'war on talent', you are a more attractive employer if you use modern working methods.
  • Improved communications due to:
    • Office personnel knowing the status of the field-based work processes.
    • Field-based employees having the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

A future-proof IT infrastructure via app integration.

Working with Smartflow ensures that your organisation will have a solid, future-proof IT infrastructure because your applications will be integrated rather than a mishmash of separate applications and software packages. You can think of the Smartflow platform as a kind of power strip connecting all of your different software packages. With Smartflow, you know that:

  • New applications will integrate.
  • Only one platform (power strip) is required for all of your applications.
  • You're ready for the digitisation of the construction sector.

Control your work processes with insight into field data.

Working with Smartflow ensures that sales, operations, finance, planning and project management all gain insight into their organisation's aggregated data. This facilitates insight into who's doing what, when and how via the personalised Smartflow dashboard or the reports configured in Smartflow. Insight into data leads to:

  • Improvements in efficiency because work processes are digitally standardised.
  • Cost reductions via the time saved by sharing information.

Smartflow, therefore, not only displays the data collected when digitising the work processes, but it also aggregates the data from your other software packages (Primavera, Ortec, Exact, PowerBI, 3D AutoCad, etc.). In short, Smartflow integrates with your back-office system.


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Some work processes that we appify for the construction sector.

Notifications of undesired events workflow.

With the NUE app (for notifications of undesired events), employees can collaborate more efficiently and easily via a single platform. For example, the person reporting an unsafe situation can immediately submit his/her report with all of the necessary information, and he/she will receive a notification once the situation has been resolved. The back office/KAM employee can release and follow the task, while the manager can easily manage notifications and reports via the portal. The advantages of the NUE app:

  1. Speeding up the notification process in an easily accessible way.
  2. Action can be taken quickly.
  3. Reports are easily generated.
  4. These will be documented and immediately made available for audits.

Toolbox workflow.

The toolbox holder can start the meeting via the app, upload photos, register participants and have attendees directly sign in to the app to take the attendance. The back office/KAM employee views the overview showing toolbox meetings and opens the relevant toolbox meeting. The advantages of the toolbox app:

  1. Rapid and efficient organisation.
  2. Automatic documentation in the management portal.
  3. All of the information, available anytime and anywhere.
  4. Smart overviews for KAM employees.
  5. Can be unlocked with various back-end systems.

Inspection workflow.

The work planner, contractor, inspector and project manager can all work together via the app. The advantages of the inspection app:

  1. Quickly draft a range of inspection forms.
  2. Report outcomes directly to the client.
  3. Immediately generate certificates upon approval.
  4. Record simple hours/expenses.

Our appy clients.

  • "Smartflow offers MOBA many advantages in terms of efficiency and a throughput reduction of the service order process."
    — Marc Waanders, Service & Projects Director at MOBA
  • "Digitisation with Smartflow comes with a payback period of less than six months."
    — Karel Soeters, CFO at KONE Nederland

Unique features of the Smartflow platform.

Watch video.

  • Real-time insight into your workflows.
  • BI that focuses on the user's role.
  • Flexible information filtering.
Watch video.
Take and process photographs.

  • Take photographs in the app.
  • Add annotations to photographs.
Watch video.
Visual workflow builder.

  • No IT knowledge necessary.
  • Drag and drop.

Simple to use, but powerful in operation.

Build your own workflows and use the app anytime and anywhere.

Build, manage & monitor.
  • Drag & drop construction.
  • No Code, Low Code and Code.
  • Store-based templates.
  • Live previews with the app.
  • Dashboards.
  • Integrations (ERP, CRM, etc.).
Powerful features.
  • Set triggers and alerts.
  • Push and SMS services.
  • Publish on all platforms (iOS, Windows & Android).
  • Relationships and datasets.
  • Advanced validations.

Smartflow integrates with your back-office system.

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