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Appy MOBA about the result

In this video, Mark van der Wolf (Director Service & Projects at MOBA) shares his experience with the digitization struggle they recently went through, which resulted in more efficient work processes and a reduction in the turnaround time of service order processes.


The challenge

MOBA is a renowned, Dutch developer and machine manufacturer. The sorting, packaging and processing of eggs is what has been driving MOBA for 70 years. MOBA created advanced solutions for all these sub-processes. More than 100 technicians worldwide ensure optimal service and maintenance of the installed base. For MOBA, service is one of the most important focus areas in order to make a difference the market for their customers.    

In pursuit of perfection, MOBA has decided to start working paperless. Technicians, planners and support staff experienced challenges in regards of communication. Information was incomplete or sometimes difficult to find and the technician’s handwriting was often barely legible. Hourly records and use of materials were too often introduced at a late stage and not always approved onsite by the customer. 


A relatively large amount of time was wasted via phone between technicians and the back office as well as between the back office and customers. Everything worked out in the end, but there was room for improvement in optimal service for customers.

Technicians are regularly on the road for several weeks and then work in teams of several technicians. Due to that there’s a large information flow at MOBA.

Last but not least, invoicing was slowed down by the late information flow from the field and the management wanted to gain more insight into real-time progress. In short: MOBA decided to digitize the mobile service workflows as well!



The requirements

What business requirements did MOBA set for Smartflow?

  • Working paperless.
  • Looking after the customer, technician and internal employees.
  • Better service performance for the customer through availability of information in the field.
  • A solution with the technician at the centre.
  • An administration system that is always up-to-date.
  • Multiple technicians for one customer, and employees at the head office work in the same workflow.
  • A positive business case.




The technical requirements were as follows:

  • Online and offline functionality.
  • The application can be accessed all over the world via a web browser.
  • Function on all smartphones, tablets (iOS, Android, Windows10) and laptops.
  • The possibility to obtain real time information:
    • the field from the back office;
    • the back office from the field.
  • Integration with LN6 from jobs (backoffice ERP).
  • Interface with TALEND and XML-exchange of data.
  • 24/7 interface whereby service orders are directly assigned to technicians.
  • A central database.
  • Smart functionality for updating datasets:
    • Standard dropdown lists of materials with article codes;
    • Easy to maintain when adding new parts;
    • New files can be accessed on location within 10 minutes.
  • Multilingualism.
  • Data encrypted.
  • On-site installation.

The solution

Smartflow has taken on the challenge and has developed an app in close cooperation with the MOBA teams that focus on the technician and customer and meets the mentioned requirements.

What is the workflow of MOBA like with this MOBA Service app? The MOBA planning department ensures that technicians make very efficient use of their time and schedule as many service calls as possible in a single country. A lead technician creates a trip form in which other technicians can work. All information is available on location. Machine drawings, machine data, reports from previous service calls. The technicians not only keep track of hours, material and equipment through the MOBA service app, but they also report planned activities, with the customer’s signed agreement.

The customer, lead technician, other technicians, planning, help desk and management all work on the digitization in the same workflows.

For reporting to the customer, Smartflow has set up a customized PDF hours report, which is also exported to the MOBA financial administration.


The result

As a progressive company, MOBA is very satisfied with the results of SMARTFLOW. During the development process, more and more functionalities have been defined thanks to the enthusiasm of the team involved. the initial planning was not realized and the budget was exceeded for the right reasons.

What has MOBA achieved by digitizing its worldwide service workflow?

  • Technicians now have more time for their actual work, which is providing excellent service.
  • MOBA can now serve customers with more professionalism.
  • There is a much closer collaboration between departments at the head office and the technicians in the field. All departments have the same up-to-date information immediately.
  • The MOBA back office has a better insight into current developments in the field.
  • The management team has a better insight, which means that changes can be made even better.
  • Realtime up-to-date administration.
  • A positive business case.

The following figures give a feeling for this business case:

  • Saving 5 minutes of selection work per service call.
  • Saving 5 minutes of consultation per service call.
  • Saving 10 minutes for processing from a to z of a work order (send service order, approve to the customer).
  • Coordination between up to 15 technicians on the same project; working more efficiently.
  • A significant group of technicians with 100+ employees worldwide
  • Thousands of machines in the field.
  • Significant acceleration of the invoicing process and cash flow.

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