Smart Case: KONE


Build a total solution, step by step

KONE is one of the global market leaders in the lift and escalator industry. To further improve the quality of its service, KONE wanted to optimise its service organisation. The employee was central to this effort.

During workshops held with various app users, a LEAN consultant from Smartflow helped map out the current process. By answering a simple series of questions from the app, every technician can indicate the status of the site. The intelligence of the app then translates this information into a recording of the technical content components. The app also indicates how many technicians, hours, extra facilities, etc. are necessary to perform the installation.

After an installation has been recorded, the recording app immediately generates an invoice. Extra costs are automatically included. In addition, KONE Nederland has achieved a savings of one FTE on an annual basis.



Appy KONE talks about the results

In this video, Karel Soeters (CFO of KONE Nederland) discusses his experience with the company's recent digitisation battle which resulted in error reductions in the work processes and, therefore, less working capital.

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