Digitalization of ISGOTT and other ship/shore documents

The first step towards the digital transformation of terminals.

Smartflow and Nxtport International will zoom into the digitalization of all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities and why is this a strategic step for tank storage terminals.

If you are interested to zoom into this topic you can join us for a round table coming up in May. 

What is the focus of this webinar? 

  • What are the new implications of ISGOTT v6
  • What are the challenges in current paper-based ISGOTT solutions
  • How Smartflow customers avoid these challenges using digital checklists
  • The benefits of streamlining the ship shore documentation for tank terminals
  • Digitalization of other ship/shore documents
  • Open discussion around the ISGOTT terminal use case
  • Live Demo of Smartflow ISGOTT solution
  • Q&A

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