AMTeK - The digital inspector

AMTeK is part of Aboma and is the market leader in the field of inspections of large and small equipment in construction and industry.  Read the whole use case for more information and insights into this project.

The challenge for Smartflow was to support AMTeK in organizing more than 20,000 often complex inspections per year by their independent members.

amtek inspectieSmartflow has built the desired intelligent testing solution to the full satisfaction of Aboma / AMTeK. The app is also used within the Aboma organization by its own employees. All requirements for the solution have been realized on time. Aboma / AMTeK is now an ambassador for Smartflow. The quantitative Smart Case can be expressed in euros:

  • Number of inspections per year: 20,000.
  • Savings per inspection: 20 minutes.
  • Internal hourly rate: € 60.
  • Annual savings are 20,000 x ⅓ hours x € 60 = € 400,00

                                                                                             Download Use Case

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