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Vesta Terminals using the Smartflow Digital ISGOTT solution in collaboration with NxtPort International

Vesta Terminals is now welcoming ships to their terminals using the digital ISGOTT solution developed by Smartflow. The onboarding of Vesta Terminals is being done through NxtPort International, a strategic partner in delivering the digital ISGOTT solution to terminals and ports worldwide. 

vesta logoVesta Terminals is an independently operated company offering its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage and transshipment, primarily for crude oil, refined petroleum products, biofuels, and petrochemicals.

Digitalizing all the handshakes between various parties involved, such as terminals, vessels, agencies, shipping companies, and the authorities, is an important step in continuously increasing safety and efficiency for Vesta Terminals and stakeholders.


  • The Ship’s Master and the Terminal Representative share a joint responsibility to operate safely and efficiently when a tanker is at a terminal.
  • The Master or his representative and the terminal representative need to make a list of actions before cargo or ballast operations begin.
  • Agree on the transfer procedures, including the maximum loading or unloading rates
  • Agree on the actions to be taken in the event of an emergency during cargo or ballast handling operations
  • Complete and sign the Ship/Shore Safety Checklist (SSSCL)

Vesta Terminals & Smartflow. Future developments 

In the future, Smartflow and Vesta will be adding additional checklists to their current solution to increase efficiency and logistics, ensure safety, and reduce the frequency of downtime events.

The onboarding of Vesta Terminals has been facilitated by our strategic partner NxtPort International.

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